a photo of my face

Christian Sasser / MasterHand4444

Howdy and hello, folks!


Christian / MH4 is an evangelical Christian, a collector, and a Nintendo fan. He thinks he's funny. He has his moments. His pronouns are he/him/his.He was born and raised in Louisiana, yet he can't stand spicy foods and is a very picky eater...funny how things work that way. He is currently a full-time college student.

Things He Likes

  • Video games

  • Talking with friends and making new friends

  • Writing and reading

  • Singing

  • Collecting

  • Video editing

  • Being alive (thank you Lord)

  • And more probably!

Contact Information(For quickest reply, use primary email or Discord. Be sure to state who you are when attempting contact so I don't block you.)